Finger Pulse Oximeter 

My big pharmacy limited is the distributor of finger pulse oximeter in Nigeria. Our Finger Pulse Oximeter is a noninvasive and painless test J measures your oxygen saturation level, or the oxygen levels in your blood. It can rapidly detect even small changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart, including the legs and the arms.J

The finger pulse oximeter is a small, clip-like device that attaches to a body part, like toes or an earlobe. It’s most commonly put on a finger, and it’s often used in a critical care setting like emergency rooms or hospitals. 

Technical Specifications:

Dual color LED displays SPO2, PR, Pulse bar and waveform

Level 1-10 adjustable brightness

6 display modes

Automatically power off

2 AAA alkaline batteries

Optional multi-color silicon rubber boot and carrying case

Suitable for pediatric and adult. 

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