5 shocking things about Vitamin C

There are various essential vitamins : Vitamins A, B, C,D,E and K among others . The need for Vitamin C however can not be over emphasised, I’m going to shock you now about vitamin C just come with me and read along.

  1. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid .

Yes , vitamin C is an acid, an acid that is beneficial in so many ways to the body . But as you should know an acid also has corossive nature. Yes it can burn lol.. Not to scare you ,

how ever when you take high Dose Vitamin C make sure it’s a coated caplet . The coat on the caplet allows for slow release of the vitamin C in the intestines.

Also Don’t take vitamin C on an empty stomach the acidic vitamin will eventually corrode your stomach and give you stomach ulcer, so you should eat before taking vitamin C with plenty of water.

2. Vitamin C is used For Skin whitening.

Yes you heard me, vitamin C can bleach your skin too 😂. Ask me how?

great ,Melanin is the pigment for dark skin colouration , vitamin C stops or slows down production of melanin on your skin, over time your skin will tone and be rid of dark spots Or any form of pigmentation . Your skin will glow over a period of two weeks.

3. Vitamin C can be injected into the blood

Can you believe that we have injectable vitamin C ? Yes we do. This is usually prescribed for wound healing and burns but some people most especially women inject doses of vitamin C to help them achieve it’s beautifying effects and rejuvenating effects faster 😂

Pls don’t try this at home speak with our pharmacist to guide you

4. Vitamin C can be absorbed through the Skin

Incoperated into your body care products like your shower gel, body creams. Yes because vitamin C can be absorbed to a large extent through the skin

If you want us to formulate a cream just for you with vitamin C ,Dail the watsapp button on your screen and chat with our pharmacist.

5. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamins .

When you hear that a vitamin is water soluble it means that it can be easily excreted from the body through urine and sweat. But what does this mean for you if you are taking vitamin C?

This means that if you take high Dose of vitamin C say 1000mg ,the body will only use the one it needs for that day and the excess vitamin C will be flushed out of your system in 24 to 36 hours and you will need to take another one if you want to keep nourishing your body..

Lol how is that for vitamin C ?


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