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Liquified Nitrogen (storage for Liquid Nitrogen)

Weight: 100.00 KGS

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Liquefied Nitrogen storage Flask or tank for Liquid Nitrogen.

MyBig Pharmacy Nigeria Limited is the distributor of Liquid nitrogen storage containers in Nigeria.

our Liquified Nitrogen storage flask for Liquid Nitrogen comes in different containers and sizes.

About Liquefied Nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen is produced in large quantities at air separation plants which liquefy and distill air into its constituent parts: nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

It is delivered to our customers by cryogenic tankers, into onsite storage, for use in high-volume customer applications.

It is stored as a cryogenic liquid in a vacuum-insulated vessel which can provide several days’ supply and be used on demand as either a liquid or gas. We have these cryogenic Tanks for storage

Refrigerated liquefied gas
Boiling point -196°C
Gas/vapour heavier than air
Odourless, colourless and non toxic
Chemically inert at ambient temperatures.

Nitrogen 99.999%
Oxygen <5vpm
Moisture <2vpm
Argon is included in the nitrogen
Application and use liquefied Nitrogen.

In its liquid form nitrogen is used as a cryogen for many applications where very low temperatures or rapid temperature reduction is required.

The inert property of gaseous nitrogen enables it to be used for applications where a substance needs to be protected from oxidation or combustion by atmospheric air, or from contamination by moisture.

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